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Outsourcing for banks and financial institutions

Lawyers' Association "Legal and Economic Security" > Outsourcing for banks and financial institutions

Outsourcing for banks and financial institutions

– Monitoring of financial, property and commercial paying capacity and due diligence of credited party, their contractors, security assets liquidity check, assets retrieval to compel performance of duty by the debtors;
– Oral or/and written advising, recommendations, consultations and explanations on debt recovery;
– Participation in negotiations with business partners and debtors;
– Interest representation to natural and legal persons, including enterprises, companies, agencies of all forms of ownership, submission and legal organization, including law enforcement authorities (encompassing agencies of
prosecution, National Police of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine etc.)
– Pre-trial disputes settlement due to credit default to bank;
– Law support and rights and legal interest protection of the bank during criminal proceedings;
– Collection and supplying of evidence necessary for advocacy of the Bank’s rights and legal interests, also achievement the best result of redemption of debts for the Bank;
– Appeal of commission and omission of law-enforcement bodies in criminal cases (proceeding)which resulted in the Bank’s rights and legal interests violation;
– Bank representation and interest protection in a judicial procedure.

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